Mandarin Tutor Julie help you learn Chinese Language intensively

 Native Mandarin teacher from Beijing help you learn Chinese Mandarin language intensively with a series of Chinese textbooks for intensive training programs for Mandarin learners.


About the Mandarin Tutor:

The Mandarin tutor Julie offers Chinese language lessons intensively on-site and online for adults and K-12 students and children.

I am an experienced native Mandarin teacher from Beijing. After graduating from Beijing language and culture University in 2007, specializing in teaching Chinese as a second language. Since then, I have taught Mandarin.

I am good at tutoring pronunciation and conversations and Chinese culture and preparations for tests from beginners to advanced levels. 

The mission:

My mission is helping more people learn Chinese language with love.Whether you are learning Chinese for the first time or continue to supplement your studies, I can help you!

The courses:

I could offer Mandarin classes individuals and small classes for  K-12 school students and adults.The courses includes daily-life courses, courses for K-12 students, business courses so on.

Daily-life Courses:

The daily-life Chinese course is broken down into 3 levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Starting with an introduction to pinyin, our systematic approach will lead students to eventually give you a true understanding of life in China.For example:

* New practical Chinese reader

Textbooks for higher education

Emphasis on communicative skills

Systematic curriculum on Chinese characters & grammars

Background on Chinese culture

Chinese  for Kids:

Ideal for younger students, from pre-K to elementary, our “Chinese for Kids” program includes shorter lessons that integrate songs and pictures to increase engagement. Students can expect to learn a wide variety of topics, with a focus on practical language that is relevant to the child’s everyday life.

*Chinese Paradise

For pre-K to elementary non-heritage kids

The Fun Way to learn Chinese

Develop the kids’ interest

Help them lay a solid Chinese foundation

K-12 Program for Students:

Need to fulfill a foreign language requirement? Or already have a Mandarin program at your school, but there is no the opportunity to practice with native speakers and get instant personal feedback ?

For complete study, Lively mandarin treats your Mandarin Chinese study as a comprehensive and progressive journey. We carefully plan our courses to ensure you have a solid foundation for your next step. Evaluations and tests will be given on a regular basis.

For the supplemental study is to help you practice what you are learning in your Chinese class at school, thus helping you improve your listening and speaking skills.

For AP Chinese students, we can provide specific AP tutoring, simulate the AP test environment, and even exchange individual emails to improve your writing skills as well.For example:

*Easy steps to Chinese

For K-12 non-heritage students

Strictly follow the AP and IB Chinese tests guidelines.

Embraces bottom-up approach

Intensifies students’ integrated language skills

*New Concept Chinese

For heritage students from pre-k to high school

Upon finishing the whole series, the students will master 2,500 characters and will be able to pass the AP Chinese Exam.

Business Chinese:

Divided into two levels — basic and advanced — this course is designed for professionals doing business in China or with Chinese companies.

Custom Courses:

And if there isn’t a course that fits your specific needs, I can create one for you based on your level and your goals.

The pricing for individuals and small classes:

50mins/session:  $30/person

Contact Information:

Address: Alexandria.VA 22311

Welcome to start our journey of Chinese learning together!


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